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Thanks for joining us on this wild journey! We are the Beirnes: Ashley, Sean + Rufio. Philadelphians turned Nomads living on the road + traveling the US Southwest in our self-converted van, named Bernie. We started this blog in January 2019 as a way to share our travels, but we also want to help inspire your next trip and give insight to what it may be like to live in a van in the Southwest! We spent 2019 exploring Arizona + Utah, and this year we have BIG plans to shake things up. You won’t want to miss it- sign up here so you don’t miss our next announcement.

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Hi! I’m Ashley, I am 28 years young and a wild soul. As an Enneagram 7, the stoke and energy are always high. New adventures, places, and experiences are all the fuel to keep me burning bright. I spring out of bed in the morning long before the sun rises. Not a big reader or TV watcher, I much prefer to be out in nature, away from people and all the noise. I love rock climbing, canyoneering, and hiking obscure trails.

2020 Goal:
be more sustainable and lessen our environmental impact

Hello! That’s me, Sean. I’m 34 years old and much much calmer than Ashley lol. I’m always down for adventures but I need some time to wake up in the mornings unlike that weirdo next to me. I’m an avid reader and have been reading a lot of books about adventurers lately, fueling my stoke for a winter of exploring ahead of us. I love rock climbing, canyoneering and hiking with Rufio.

2020 Goal:
Eat less meat + more veggies/fruit. Dial in eating habits. Work out daily.

here’s a little more about us + our life together…



we met serving in a restaurant called Slainte, in downtown Philadelphia. It was definitely love at first sight.


after remaining friends (+ to keep it very real) w/ benefits for 3 years we decided to try being in a relationship in August. The timing was perfect for both of us, and things naturally progressed from a solid friendship to 2 people falling in love.


we went to cancun in February and ended up being stranded in chicago on our flight back for 3 days, we both say we knew without a doubt that we loved the other during this trip. ashley moved into sean’s shared house soon after in March, we got Rufio in May, went on our first road trip (Philly to Maine) as a family of 3 in August and got engaged in November!! heck of a year for the Beirnes!


we were married in february, lived on the road for nearly the whole month of June + traveled the south, and eventually we found a town we lkike and moved to beaufort, south carolina.


we left south carolina for Philly for a few months, we saved up cash, and moved to denver.


ashley had a bouldering accident and injured her knee quite severely + had acl surgery in april. we took a long roadtrip to the southwest (moab, arches, bryce, zion, grand canyon), fell in love with the desert + moab. so we made a few more trips back to moab before the end of the year.


we started working together, ashley started Period Kits for the Homeless in Denver + dedicated almost all of her free time to that. we we still managed to make a nearly 3 week road trip through the pacific northwest and cali coast, decided that #vanlife was for us, bought a van at the end of September, converted it, and put notices in at work.


Read our 2019 year in review blog here! We moved in the van early, on January 5th, after getting fired from our jobs (never give early notice lol). Best year of our lives!!! SO many adventures, experiences, and memories!


The year has started off in California! We are currently cruising around the NW side of the Sonoran Desert for the winter before we head back to Moab in the beginning of March.

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