Palm Springs for the Day

how we spent our 1 day in Palm Springs, California.

Winter Update

find out what we’ve been doing for our 2nd #vanlife winter

Why You Need to Add Petrified Forest National Park to Your Bucket List

Why visiting this 100% DOG-FRIENDLY National Park needs to be on your travel bucket list!

1 Year Vanniversary- Year in Review

a recap of 2019 and our first full year living in the van!

Our week in Arizona

Our second winter in the van is off to an adventurous start!

The Fear of Falling

my journey to overcoming fear + sending it.

Saying Goodbye to Moab

+ our plans for the Winter

5 Days, 5 Adventures in Moab

not for the faint of heart.

Summer Update

Monday, August 19, 2019

Guide to Moab

a complete guide to Moab; everything you need to know + more

Adapting to Staying Put

+ how we are managing it

Tips for Long Road Trips

10 tips for long summer roadtrips