Plans for the Future

Happy Hump Day! If you read our last blog with answers to all of our most frequently asked questions, then you’ll remember we saved question #10 for its own blog; What are your plans for the future?

Before we jump right in, it’s crucial to mention that we barely ever stick to a plan. Frequently, we make announcements of exciting things to come, only to never make another announcement that our plan changed. For example, we announced a move to the US Virgin Islands in 2016, except 3 months later, we were announcing our new home in Denver, CO, quite different than an island. So with that being said, take everything below with a grain of salt because things change quick ’round here.

We are currently just outside of Phoenix, AZ in a little town where we can gear up on supplies and get some work done before starting our journey North. We plan on getting to our favorite place in the world, Moab, Utah, sometime in the last week of March. Which at this point, gives us about 2.5 full weeks to make the voyage up there. With the weather much colder up North, we tried to wait for it to start warming up before leaving the 70’s we grew accustomed to in Central Arizona. We have about 8 stops planned along the way, which is a lot, even for us. The good thing is, if we don’t make it to all of them we can always come back, we won’t be far.

tentative stops on the way to Moab, UT

We plan on scoring seasonal jobs while in Moab so we can experience everything we always wanted to do while there. Something we could only do if we commit to working a few days each week. Some of our goals while in Moab for the spring are: rock climbing along Potash, solo skydiving, learning to canyoneer, and renting a jeep to go off-roading in. We are really stoked on our Moab plans, but we are trying to not wish the time away in the meantime, and really enjoy each day and place we experience. If all goes well, we will be staying there until Summer begins.

When we decide to leave Moab, the plan is to head west to San Diego, CA. Of course, we have a ton of places we’d like to stop along the way: Capitol Reef NP, Fishlake NF, Dixie NF, Zion NP, Red Cliffs, Grand Canyon South Rim, Valley of Fire SP, Red Rock Canyon, and the Mojave, to name a few. Once we get to San Diego, we want to spend the summer traveling up the west coast all the way up to Canada. On our way back down, we will go inland before heading south, stopping at every National Park and Monument along the way. Places like Olympic NP, Mt St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, Steamboat NP, Crater Lake NP, Lava beds, Lassen Volcanic, Yosemite (so stoked on this after watching Free Solo last night!), Death Valley, Kings Canyon, and Pinnacles are some of the stops we plan on making. We may have to post up to work at some point towards the end, it all depends on how fast we spend our savings.

Come fall, we will probably venture back through Utah, enjoying the fall colors in places we have always dream about, like Ogden, before heading North to Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. Idaho has some of the most incredible hot springs and scenery to explore, we hope to get there in prime time to fully enjoy all that they have to offer. Once we get our fill, we will head over to Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, before getting up to Glacier NP for our first visit. When the cold becomes too much to bare, we will start heading south for warmer weather as Winter begins to roll in.

After this winter, we have definitely figured out what works best for us, and that means, the warmer the nights are, the better. Cold mornings and nights can make even the most basic of tasks difficult to complete, so we will take that into consideration before posting up for the season. We are thinking we will probably work for the season, or at least part of it to take advantage of the shorter days, snow birds, and holiday season while we can.

At the moment, it looks like we will be headed to the Southeast! Our best friend from our time living in Beaufort, SC is marrying the love of her life and they invited us to celebrate with them. Naturally, we will have to utilize the miles as a way to experience a completely different part of the country. We are dying to see New Orleans, LA and it’s probably the one city we can’t wait to experience. We haven’t even began to think about where we will stop because it’s over a year away, but we are really looking forward to seeing our good friends again.

Well, there you have it. Our verrrrry *tentative* plans for the next year. In 2020, we hope to turn our travels international; with extended travels through Canada and Mexico. Our dream is to drive all the way through South America to the tips of Chile and Argentina, but we have a little while to go before we are prepared for a trip like that.

If you have a suggestion on places to stop or visit, let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

3 Comments on “Plans for the Future

  1. When y’all were preparing, did you already have passports or did you get passports? Also, what are some of the things you have experienced (cleanliness, laws, traffic, people) that have stuck out to you along your travels? (Being from Philly these things mean a lot!)


    • Hey Steph! Totally get it, as a Philadelphian myself 🤗 Thanks for the questions. Our passports had expired and we had to renew, they are being sent to a family house that we can retrieve from before leaving the country again. Our next post on Sunday will actually go through our experiences so far and is really in depth. Everything is so different then it was in philly, it was like culture shock the first few years, hahaha 😂


  2. I heard of a little town in Eastern Pennsylvania called “Langhorne”, I would suggest you stop there. From what I understand the people are great and they would even allow you to shower in their homes. I am sure they would welcome and love you as soon as you arrived and make you delicious meals! Your other plans sound great as well, but that Langhorne thing would be awesome!


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